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Automatic Door Openers by Power Access™ are convenient, easy to install and low maintenance.  The Power Access Automatic Door Opener Model 4300 is designed for versitility to fit most commercial applications. 

Left and right hand units are available in jamb or door mount.  If there's not enough room above the door, there is an inverted version.  The
Model 2300 is designed for many residential applications.  This cost effective door opening & closing unit has many features to meet accessiblity needs in the home.

The Model  4300 Automatic Door Opener

Designed for versatility, the 4300 Opener fits most interior and exterior doors, with no door or jamb modifications. It permits manual door operation (push or pull) because the wheeled arm does not attach to the door and the door closer will shut the door. On a powered opening, if the door meets an obstruction, a built-in load sensing circuit automatically stops the Opener, times out and closes the door. It works in conjunction with a wide variety of activating devices and interfaces with unlocking devices such as electric strikes and electro-magnetic locks.

Power Access 4300 Automatic Door Opener at Barrier Free Access Systems on Long Island, NY.

Model 4300

The Power Access 4300 Opens a door by extending an arm with a roller that pushes the door open.
Model 4300 Brochure (PDF)  Model 4300 Exploded Diagram (PDF)
Model 4300 (PDF) Model 4300 Circuit Board Detail (PDF)
Model 4300X (PDF) Jamb Mount Slide Bracket (PDF)
Model 4300V (PDF)  Shallow Reveal Bracket 4531 (PDF)
Model 4300D (PDF) Door Mount Bracket (PDF)

Installation Instructions (PDF)

 Model 4300 TroubleShooting Guide (PDF)

How to Determine the Hand of an Automatic Door Opener

Automatic Door How to determine the hand of an automatic door opener in Long Island, NY

The Model 2300 Residential Automatic Door Opener

The new, lower cost, lighter weight, slim line door opener for the home has been released.  One unit meets a door mount application, or a jamb mount application on the push side of the door.  Field changing from mode to mode or hand to hand can be done in mere minutes.  The door arm attaches to the door or jamb as the application requires.  A unique friction clutch arm and a special ger motor allows for safe door operation in both automatic and manual modes.

Automatic Door Opener Power Access 2300 for Disabled Access
Model 2300


Power Access Residential Model 2300

Model 2300 Technical Manual 

AAADM Certified Technician for Automatic Door Openers in NY, Long Island, Nassau & Suffolk

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