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EzCOMM™  by Assitive Technology Solutions (ATS)

Voice Activated Environmental Control System with Touch Screen and Switch Capability

EZ COMM ATS  E.C.U.s brochure at Barrier Free Access Systems - Long Island NY Environmental Control Units.

EzCOMM ECUs offer PC Technology,
Environmental Control Hardware,
and Industry Leading Software
 - the capabilities are endless.

  • Z-Wave Capable
  • Powerful Software for Environmental Control
  • Dual High Output Infared for Maximum Signal
  • Durable ECU Device with High Computing Power
  • Dual Microphones for Speech Recognition
  • Hi Output Dual Speakers
  • Long 6-7 hour battery life
  • Wide Angle Touch Screen


  • Seamless File Backup & Management
  • One Button Press Design for Remote Support Team Tools
  • Remote Assistance
ECUs by EZ Comm ATS & touch screen and voice activated environmental controls & ability switches|Barrier Free Access Systems in Long Island NY- EZ COMM for NY, Connecticut, New Jersey & Pennsylvania.

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